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At CITRO Motors, we can help you with any of your car’s problems. Whether you are after an MOT, service or an emergency repair, we can help to advise and offer the best solution to help get your vehicle back on the road.

Our mechanics are all mechanically trained to the highest standard and are able to complete services on your Citroen, Peugeot, DS Automotive or even Vauxhall 2020-onwards. Our team can help you with any diagnostic issues that might occur.

Software update

AnEngine Control Unit (ECU)is the engine’s digital brain, monitoring and managing the essential systems that keep your car safely on the road. Your ECU controls everything in your engine, from idle speed to ignition – and everything else in between.

It's important to keep your ECU's software updated. Doing so will improve the responsiveness of your vehicle, and prevent wear and tear on your transmission. In addition to ensuring your transmission and gearbox are performing as they should, an optimized ECU controls: The timing of your car's ignition.

ECU dashboard errors

Vehicles today all contain internal computers known as Engine Control Units that monitor the overall performance of the vehicle. With sensors located around the vehicles, when an issue is discovered with low fluid levels or an increased engine temperature, a warning is then sent to the Engine Control Unit which in turn presents an error code on the dashboard.

When an error code appears, completing an engine diagnostic check can help you to identity the issue and tackle it before damage occurs.

Diagnostic testing at Citro Motors

When you bring your car into CITRO Motors, we can help identify the error code from that of hundreds through the use of the latest vehicle diagnostic equipment. After discovering the issue, our team can then carry out any necessary servicing, helping to prevent serious damage occurring in the future.

Whether an error code has appeared for the first time, or your dashboard is continuously showing error codes, be sure to come to CITRO Motors for accurate and honest advice.

Choosing to ignore any error codes could lead to unexpected issues and complications further down the line. Contact us at CITRO Motors and we can diagnose the issue and discover the cause of the error code quickly and accurately getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

If you have any queries regarding your cars diagnostics, or wish to speak to our friendly team of experienced mechanics, we can advise you on the best solution to solve your vehicles error codes. Book online for engine diagnostic testing and other garage services with Citro Motors, your local, reliable garage in Hull.


Checking the wheel alignment of your car is a vital task and one which shouldn’t be ignored. Citro Motors provides accurate laser wheel alignment checks and repairs on any make or model. We work on affordable and competitive prices for our customers, helping thousands of customers each year ensure that their car or van is safe on the roads and in full working condition.

The alignment or tracking of the vehicle can wear down over time, whether it be through age or damage from driving through potholes.

When your wheel alignment has worn, you will discover that the tyres on one side of your vehicle is wearing quicker than the other. Ignoring misaligned tracking can have consequences. By booking your vehicle in for a wheel alignment service, you can be confident that your car will handle better on the roads and through regular car servicing, you can prolong the lifespan of your tyres.

Drivers who choose to delay their wheel alignment find that they go through more tyres than those whose vehicle’s tracking is aligned to the manufacturer’s specification, which can cost you more money than necessary.

At CITRO Motors, we ensure that all our customers receive the highest quality of service available and that their tyres are aligned to the correct specification suited to their vehicle.

With our team highly trained in conducting laser wheel alignment, you can be sure that you are seen by the most qualified and experienced mechanics around and that your car will be well looked after.

If you are unsure of the handling of your car on roads or you are worried about the speed the tyres are aging, we can diagnose the problem and advise the best solution for your vehicle.

For a quote on how much the wheel alignment service will cost, or to discover more information of what is conducted within our service, contact us today for a quick response. You can book online for any of our services using our 24-hour online booking tool.


At Citro Motors, we provide regular MOT checks and vehicle servicing at our garage in Hull. We’re fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and skilled mechanics to provide reliable, trustworthy garage services at affordable prices.

Your car MOT is an essential service that needs to be completed every year without fail to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy. At Citro Motors, we provide affordable MOT tests for all makes and models. If you’re worried about failing an MOT, we also offer free health checks on your vehicle so you can have peace of mind before booking in your MOT test.

Discovering whether there are any mechanical faults within your car, the MOT helps to ensure that you vehicle remains in a safe condition to use on the roads. Choosing where to take your car for its annual test, or for a regular service is a hard task as you want to be sure that your vehicle is in the hands of a respectable, honest and experienced garage.

MOT repairs in the garage

At CITRO Motors, we can help you to not just pass your MOT, but if any faults arise that are stopping you from passing, we can solve the issue and advise you on the best treatment for your vehicle.

If you are choosing to book your vehicle in for a service, whether it be to prepare the car for its MOT or to make sure your car is in the best working condition possible, our team of experienced mechanics are here to help.

With years of experience working on a large range of car manufacturers, at CITRO Motors, by taking the time to talk to you about your cars condition and any faults you are experiencing, we can find the best solution for you at the best possible rate around.

We provide interim, full and major vehicle servicing for most makes and models of vehicle. To book a service and view our servicing schedules, simply enter in your vehicle registration into our booking tool for access to instant prices. You don’t pay until the work is done, but you can make sure that your vehicle is getting the right service you need. We’ll check you car’s service history, to make sure we’re not doing work that isn’t needed and we’ll follow your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule on all components within your vehicle. This ensures that any warranty you may have isn’t invalidated, and can give you peace of mind you’re receiving a service that is needed with no hidden extras.

When you book your car in for an appointment at our garage on Durban Street, Hull, our mechanics will look over your car before any work is completed, we’ll provide you with an advice and recommendations on repairs to give you confidence that you’re receiving the best treatment.

Any work that you choose to be completed by our mechanics, will only be completed once you are happy and have agreed on the price and time that the job will take to complete.

Sometimes complications can occur and although priding ourselves on the speed of our deliveries, it may take longer to receive a vital part for your car. Although quite rare, if this scenario happens you can be sure that we will be in contact to update you throughout the course of your cars service or MOT.

With years of experience and hundreds of happy, satisfied customers, Citro Motors can help you with your servicing or MOT requirements.

If you wish to speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors, or to book your car in for an appointment, you can find all the details on the contact us or book online page.


Citro Motors provides air conditioning servicing including cleaning, recharging and repairs in our Hull garage. Air conditioning helps us to remain cool and alert on the roads during the hot summer months.

Often after long periods of being inactive, often in winter, you may discover that your air-conditioning is not working to its full capacity or is releasing hot air.

Manufacturers recommend drivers to regular recharge their air conditioning system every two years with gas and lubricant, as up to 10% of gas will leak from the pipe joints every year. With the gas from the system escaping over time, this can reduce the efficiency of the system and reduce the overall performance of your air conditioning.

If you choose to continue to run an air conditioning system which is struggling to work to its full capacity, you will be putting more strain on the engine of your car and therefore will be using more fuel as the engine will have to work harder to function and cool down the vehicle.

At CITRO Motors, our trained and experienced mechanics can help you to get your air conditioning system running to its full capacity. Even during the winter months, your air conditioning system helps to dry out the moisture from the air and demist your windscreen, so it’s important to keep it maintained throughout the year. Our garage in Hull is fully equipped to help inspect your air con system, recharge the system and make sure that there are no leaks or blockages from any dirt or dust that might have gotten into the system. Our team is fully qualified to service and repair your air conditioning at just a fraction of the price of a main dealership.

You can be sure that all the parts that we use in our service are purchased from trusted manufacturers and with the option of being able to pay at the end of the service, you can be sure that you are receiving quality service at an unbeatable price. Don’t let your air conditioning get neglected, it can save you money to get regular maintenance on your system. Citro Motors,

If you have any questions about our air conditioning services that we provide, or wish to discuss and book your vehicle in for an appointment, please get in contact through the contact us page on our website. You can book online for air conditioning services, repairs, MOT tests and servicing by entering your car registration number. Our booking tool is available 24/7, and you can check prices, service schedules and your MOT date too.