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Accurate alignment checks and repairs in Hull

Checking the wheel alignment of your car is a vital task and one which shouldn’t be ignored. Citro Motors provides accurate laser wheel alignment checks and repairs on any make or model. We work on affordable and competitive prices for our customers, helping thousands of customers each year ensure that their car or van is safe on the roads and in full working condition.

A mechanic working on a car tyre

The alignment or tracking of the vehicle can wear down over time, whether it be through age or damage from driving through potholes.

When your wheel alignment has worn, you will discover that the tyres on one side of your vehicle is wearing quicker than the other. Ignoring misaligned tracking can have consequences. By booking your vehicle in for a wheel alignment service, you can be confident that your car will handle better on the roads and through regular car servicing, you can prolong the lifespan of your tyres.

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Drivers who choose to delay their wheel alignment find that they go through more tyres than those whose vehicle’s tracking is aligned to the manufacturer’s specification, which can cost you more money than necessary.

At CITRO Motors, we ensure that all our customers receive the highest quality of service available and that their tyres are aligned to the correct specification suited to their vehicle.

With our team highly trained in conducting laser wheel alignment, you can be sure that you are seen by the most qualified and experienced mechanics around and that your car will be well looked after.

If you are unsure of the handling of your car on roads or you are worried about the speed the tyres are aging, we can diagnose the problem and advise the best solution for your vehicle.

For a quote on how much the wheel alignment service will cost, or to discover more information of what is conducted within our service, contact us today for a quick response. You can book online for any of our services using our 24-hour online booking tool.

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