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Expert fault code reading and the latest diagnostic equipment in Hull

A mechanic carrying out a diagnostics check

At CITRO Motors, we can help you with any of your car’s problems. Whether you are after an MOT, service or an emergency repair, we can help to advise and offer the best solution to help get your vehicle back on the road.

Our mechanics are all mechanically trained to the highest standard and are able to complete services on a large range of vehicles from BMW to Chrysler and Chevrolet, our team can help you with any diagnostic issues that might occur.

ECU dashboard errors

Vehicles today all contain internal computers known as Engine Control Units that monitor the overall performance of the vehicle. With sensors located around the vehicles, when an issue is discovered with low fluid levels or an increased engine temperature, a warning is then sent to the Engine Control Unit which in turn presents an error code on the dashboard.

When an error code appears, completing an engine diagnostic check can help you to identity the issue and tackle it before damage occurs.

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Diagnostic testing at Citro Motors

When you bring your car into CITRO Motors, we can help identify the error code from that of hundreds through the use of the latest vehicle diagnostic equipment. After discovering the issue, our team can then carry out any necessary servicing, helping to prevent serious damage occurring in the future.

Whether an error code has appeared for the first time, or your dashboard is continuously showing error codes, be sure to come to CITRO Motors for accurate and honest advice.

Choosing to ignore any error codes could lead to unexpected issues and complications further down the line. Contact us at CITRO Motors and we can diagnose the issue and discover the cause of the error code quickly and accurately getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

If you have any queries regarding your cars diagnostics, or wish to speak to our friendly team of experienced mechanics, we can advise you on the best solution to solve your vehicles error codes. Book online for engine diagnostic testing and other garage services with Citro Motors, your local, reliable garage in Hull.

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